We develop applications and games of augmented reality to entertain improving the quality of life of the people. We created the habit of walking in children with diagnosis of Autism Spectrum, Asperger’s, Diabetes, Overweight, Obesity, Cardiopathies, Asthma, among others.

We have an interdisciplinary team with extensive experience in the subject.

We put all our knowledge and technical capacity to create games that allow entertaining and improving their quality of life.

With our apps we turn any smartphone into a tool to take our kids out of the easy chair, letting them discover that walking, as well as getting tired, can be fun.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality allows you to see in the real world with added information,” a world in which “there are no limits and in which we can see, create and do whatever we want.

We can see and interact with pirates or dinosaurs, which happen to be in our yard or in the path of the department.

What augmented reality does is add virtual elements to an existing reality, rather than create that reality from scratch. Augmented reality allows you to interact with the real world directly, allowing you to enjoy the advantages of the virtual world without losing the connection with the real world.

Augmented reality is the term used to define the vision of a physical environment of the real world through a technological device, where the tangible physical elements are combined with virtual elements, creating a real reality Reality Augmented in real time.


Our APPs

Lost Treasure Chest

Many years ago lived a pirate very distracted, so distracted that he hid his treasure, and forgot where. They could never find it.

Today you will try to solve the mystery.
The pirate left many tracks on all sides, inside closed trunks. The trunks open when you answer a question.
Also, you must collect the coins that fell to the pirate.

But be careful, the crew members will try to steal the coins.

Looking for Bobby

Bobby, our pet, escaped us and took a bag with all his toys. We need your help to find it.

In his escape we were leaving a series of clues where we must answer questions and collect some objects.

Do you accept the challenge of looking for our restless pet?.

Diagnoses with High Impact

Exercise or physical activity is important for everyone, but it is extremely beneficial to these children. When physical activity is performed with discipline, it can be a very important element that allows us to keep well-controlled blood glucose levels and in the long term, exercise increases the sensitivity of the body’s cells to the signals of insulin, making more effective insulin (injected or produced by the body), reducing the amount required. Childhood diabetes is the second most common chronic illness in childhood.

Children with some degree of paralysis can gain many benefits from regular physical activity or exercise. In fact, many of the physical problems presented by people with paralysis have to do with their poor exercise habits and the difficulty to perform well controlled movements. Cerebral palsy is a set of chronic disorders that primarily affect the child’s motor function and is caused by a brain injury.

It is considered prudent to reinforce the subject of physical activity, since it is an important tool in Duchenne muscular dystrophy and to achieve prevention in the constant contractures, loss of movement or muscular weakness that will be growing stronger in this condition. Duchenne muscular dystrophy is an alteration to the X chromosome, which occurs in the male sex being hereditary and characterized by a progressive degradation of muscle mass that is sometimes replaced by adipose tissue.

Using motor games as a child development program and providing benefits in terms of health and motor development is the solution to many problems that arise in certain situations and operational thinking as the intellectual process of this solution is an indissoluble component of this activity. They occupy a very important place because of their great psychological, biological and pedagogical value, which makes them a necessary means for the integral development of children. Childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century. Overweight, obesity and related diseases are largely preventable. A high priority should therefore be given to the prevention of childhood obesity.

Motion games are a valuable alternative for both gross motor and fine motor work, through play the child will find a pleasurable activity that will put him in contact with the objects and people around him stimulating his social, cognitive, motor, sensory, perceptive and emotional. The ASD is a serious and widespread disruption of several areas of development: skills for social interaction, communication skills or the presence of stereotyped behaviors, interests and activities.


Our Team

Dr. Nelson Acosta
Founding Partner. Systems Engineer from UNICEN (Tandil). Doctor of Computer Engineering at the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain). Director of more than 50 R + D + i projects. Professor and researcher of UNICEN. Professor in computer science, specialist in robotics, augmented reality games, autonomous navigation, real-time systems, and sensors.
Ing. Alejandro Cruz
Founding Partner. Ing. In Systems of the National University of Chilecito. PhD in Computer Science. Specialist in web development and embedded control systems. Specialist in augmented reality games, and Java.
Dg. Efraín Kessler
Art Director
Founting Partner. Graphic Designer of the Tandil Institute of Art Teachers.
Psi. María Julia Ferrero
History Director
Founding Partner. Professor of History of the National University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires (Bs As). Psychopedagogue of the Higher Institute of Teacher Education No. 10. Therapeutic Companion of the Institute of Therapeutic Companions of the Association of Therapeutic Companions of the Argentine Republic.