Why pre-order the game AXXION?

AXXION is being developed by a group of entrepreneurs. We started working on the game in July 2015; we built the core of Augmented Reality games, and started in mid-2016 to create AXXION itself. We have done a lot of work, today we have a demo-BETA, but we do not have the capital to complete the game with the quality we want. For that reason we resort to financing the crowds, where we do not ask for money, we ask that we buy the game. As soon as the campaign is over, we will deliver the full version of the game.

How do I pre-purchase the AXXION game?

We have launched the AXXION pre-purchase campaign through the IDEAME platform atwww.ideame.com.ar. This platform has direct arrival in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, the United States of America and Uruguay.

How do I pre-purchase the AXXION game from another country?

From any country you can go to www.ideame.com.ar and make the purchase using your credit card through PayPal.

From which Android version can you install?

AXXION works with Android version 4.03 or newer versions. Compatibility or correct operation is not guaranteed in older versions.

Does it work on all smartphones or tablets? What features should my phone have in order to work AXXION?

The tablet or phone should have Android installed with a newer version than 4.03, also have GPS or positioning mode, and device orientation sensors. The device should have about 30MB free for installation, and at least 1GB of RAM.

Is it advisable for children with ASD?, or with which particular diagnosis?

The game is already designed for different pathologies, for which we have been working with people with disabilities for years. Our game is recommended for several diagnoses: such as the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger's disease, diabetes, gait disorders (spina bifida, cerebral palsy, stroke, hydrocephalus ...), overweight, childhood obesity, or without a symptomatic disability General where it is recommended the exercise of controlled walking (cardiopathies, respiratory, liver, stomach, postural, …).

Are there other similar games?

After analyzing in the market the types of video games adapted for children with some type of disability, be it physical, psychosocial, cognitive or sensorial, we have seen a great variety of proposals that are limited to certain disabilities, making it impossible to adapt them to another type Of limitation by the participant. Another aspect to emphasize is that at the moment most of the adapted games are not oriented to the movement of the participant but rather to a passive game, of reduced movement that forces the participant to be seated to execute it making it impossible to explore its surroundings and objects that surround it ,

We all have the natural need to move and if it is something that is more pleasant to us.

Augmented reality?

The use of augmented reality in video games adapted to different disabilities is an innovative and effective tool to support learning since it requires physical ability in the same way as real world games enable participants to move interacting with their environment and with The actual objects surrounding it. The games of augmented reality stimulate the players of diverse forms through real life scenarios, with this type of games the participants will be able to acquire new experiences at motor level abandoning the Sedentary-lifestyle that until now were proposed by other videogame.

Does it encourage movement?

Movement play also helps develop self-esteem, autonomy, cognitive ability as well as awareness of your own body and recognition of the body / space / object relationship. It is a game that incites to leave the chair, since it is played by walking, you cannot play while still. The type of technology that takes into account the important relation body / space / objects is augmented reality. Augmented reality applications allow you to expand the game universe through virtual modifications in the real world, which only occur through the device with which you are observing the stage. In this way, in addition to playing in the real world: the movement is encouraged so that games are no longer sedentary, The interaction with the game takes place in the same world where the user moves habitually; Allows enriching feeding the fantasy of the player with an infinite palette of options giving realism and managing to catch the player.

Why a game?

Gambling is a natural and innate activity in all regions and cultures of the World; it is a recreational activity that provides entertainment and fun. The goal of the game cannot be anything other than play. The most interesting thing about the game is that it allows the person to interact, assimilate, spontaneously and organically understand the possibilities and limits offered by a certain material or proposal or, in short, reality, therefore, the game is a vital necessity that contributes to the Human balance, is an exploratory activity, adventure and experience, is a means of communication and liberation, is a process of complete education, indispensable for the physical, intellectual and social development of the child.

How is that collective financing?, Why Idea.Me?

Ideame is a platform that helps talented Latin American creators realize their ideas through collective financing, social networks and value-added services. It is an online community that provides small (or not so small) sums of money to support creative initiatives. Through it, entrepreneurs from different areas present projects that require financing and different collaborators discover, finance and help share these ideas in exchange for rewards, generating among them a social, educational and economic impact in Latin America.

How do I purchase the game from another country?

From any country you can go to www.ideame.com.ar and make the purchase using your credit card through PayPal. Remember that you will actually be pre-buying, since the campaign lasts two months, so we will be delivering the games for the first days of July 2017.

Can I download it from your website?

The game can be downloaded from the website (www.ragamese.com), looking for the "Buy" option. A menu is displayed in which AXXION must be selected as the product, and the buyer's mail must be defined. The next step is to pay by credit card, for which you must enter the data, press the "Buy" button. Once confirmed the payment operation with the credit card, an email will be sent with the access address to download the game AXXION, and also will send the activation code of the same.

How can I pay for it from your website?

Of course, as long as you pay by credit card. Enter our website (www.ragamese.com/compra) and select the item (in this case AXXION) and select the payment method by entering all the data. It's sent and you're done. As soon as we have confirmed the payment you will receive an email with the address to download the game, and the corresponding activation code.

Can all people use it?

I cannot assure you. There are cases where it can be complicated, for example when the fine motor fails. What can be a challenge to achieve using it, so the user will train the fine motor to achieve it. There are several cases in which users with that challenge improve (not by the game), but by their strength of will.

How do I manage to only play the allotted time?

Often, due to organizational issues, parents assign a period of time allocated to play. AXXION controls that playing time automatically, and notifies that condition. The configuration screen must be accessed, in the "Game time" option the assigned time, expressed in number of minutes of play, must be entered.

Why pay for the game?

The games to download for free, do not yet have our features, and also have to endure long waits with advertising. We are convinced that for cases like these should be a game made with funds for sale, because for some children "it may be difficult to expect advertising."

Can I share a scenario to play the same game?

Yes. Access to the "Play" option, where you can access the mosaic of all the existing scenarios. You must press (long) on the stage to share, and a menu is displayed. Select the "Share" option, which allows you to access all the options of links to share (mail, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Bluetooth, Skype, etc.).

In some parts of the game does not read the screen?

It may happen that in parts of the game the system does not read the screen, while in other parts it does. This may be due to the installation of a certain text-to-speech system. In many cases the Samsung TTS HD may have that problem; the problem may be the language in HD.